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Martin's Ride is dedicated to fellow cancer patients, doctors, nurses, researchers, freinds and family who saved my life. Thanks. 

My name is Martin Smith and I'm a lucky man. I’m a member of large tribes including 11,400,000 cancer survivors in the US, 250,000 living with MS and 20 million with asthma. Martin’s Ride chronicles my summer 2010 three thousand mile bicycle ride across the USA. We blog spiritual epiphanies that hit us on the head and strive to create a movement around an important idea - together we cure cancer in our lifetime. 

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Curing Cancer, Everyone’s Battle

There are hundreds of cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia. Chances of getting some cancer in your lifetime are about 1 in 2 for men and a little less for women. Every year cancer kills about half a million globally or - more than HIV, TB and Malaria combined.

Tipping Point

The first human cancer gene was isolated in 1982. Today there are nearly 500 identified cancer genes. In 2008 only 1 cancer genome was mapped. Today more than 100 cancer genomes are sequenced. Cancer drugs aren’t easy to bring to market. They take time and an estimated $1 billion. Yet there are more than 850 cancer-fighting drugs in the pipeline. Science and medicine are near a cure cancer tipping point.

Cure Cancer Movement

Hospitals, Doctors and researchers need help. If the first rule of curing cancer is imagining it can be, then the second is demanding a cure and acting on our demands. We must donate to cancer research; insist curing cancer is on every politician’s agenda and demand favorite companies and brands support curing cancer.

donate, advocate,joinWhat You Can Do Now To Help Cure Cance
Donate, Advocate and Join are three things you can do now.

Donate To Martin’s Ride and Duke Cancer Research

Make your tax-deductible donation today. If the three most important words to curing cancer in our lifetime are research, research and research the next most important word is money. My family and I are part of Duke Cancer Center’s study on the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia I share with my father. I love Duke’s Cancer Center (read why).

Duke’s Comprehensive Cancer Center it is a great treating hospital and a world-class research institution. Contributions to Martin’s Ride benefit cancer research at Duke’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Advocate Cancer Research and Martin’s Ride

It is easier to reach out and touch companies and politicians than ever. Become a Cure Cancer Advocate. Click on the link above to find easy ways to get involved. 

Join & Share....
You and I are connected. In six degrees we could find a friend, friend’s friend or someone who knows someone who knows me and vice versa. Share your discovery of Martin’s Ride and the cure cancer movement with your friends and social networks. Use the link above for helpful sharing tools and suggestions. 

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Marketing guru Faith Popcorn says we don't buy brands we join them. We hope you join Martin's Ride and help cure cancer. Tell friends and family about Martin's Ride via Facebook links, blogs, email and book clubs. We don't have a marketing budget or corporate sponsors. We have you, your friends and family. Together we cure cancer in our lifetime. 



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