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Have you been treated for cancer, MS, diabetes or asthma? Martin's Ride believes in the wisdom of crowds so please share people, places and things that helped. Martin's Ride founder Marty Smith battles three chronic health conditions: asthma, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). If you or a family member are battling chronic health challenges Martin and every community member wish you the best. Collectively we are smarter than we are individually. Smart is important when life is on the line. Please share anything helpful or things fellow travelers should avoid using the form above. We will continuously update resources as they come in.

Martin also shares his resources. When you see "I" in summaries below it is Martin's Ride Founder Marty Smith and he has direct experience with the health care provider.


Great Cancer Resources


Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center
2424 Erwin Road
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 684-3377

Google Map To Duke CCC

Duke is an amazing treating hospital and research institution. I've been treated at Duke and highly recommend it. Duke respects patients and everyone down to the receptionists are pros. If you are unlucky enough to have cancer get a world class team in your corner at Duke. Not from North Carolina? Duke is creating a global health care brand treating patients from around the world, so get on a plane and head to Durham. Duke is opening a new cancer center in the spring of 2012 with "patient at the center" features such as an outdoor infusion garden (hard to explain how cool this is if you haven't spent days being infused but trust me it is cool). Patients at the center is Duke's guiding principle. It makes you feel welcomed, included and well served. Duke walks its talk, so hop on a plane or head to Duke if you want the best cancer care.



I have a "man crush" on Lance Armstrong. I've read his books, It's Not About The Bike is excellent, and Live Strong was one of the first stops I made after hearing the dreaded C word. I hope Lance or someone from the foundation will join Martin's Ride for a day or two this summer. In the meantime visit the Live Strong Foundation and take advantage of their great online and offline resources. I recommend ordering the foundation's Guidebook. The guidebook helps keep your head on straight. Everything seems chaotic after a cancer diagnosis, chaotic and terrifying. The foundation's materials help you make sense of everything swirling around. Materials I would have gladly paid $100 or more for are FREE, but you do have to pay for shipping. My shipping was $10, so spend ten bucks and get a Foundation Guide Book.