There are many ways you can help Martin’s Ride Including

Ride With Martin

Two riders go faster than one taking turns cutting wind resistance. If you would like to “take a pull” in front and ride your bicycle with Martin look for times and places near you on our Journey page and sign up for our newsletter.

Let Martin’s Ride Team Stay In Your House & Feed Them
On the road for six to eight weeks we will need places to stay and home cooked meals. “We” is me and two interns (Brian and Brett). Warning: I will be HUNGRY after burning 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day riding. We promise not to eat you out of house and home (since we will only be any one place for a day LOL).

Link Love – Link to
Building a link to shares “link love” and help get the word out about Martin’s Ride to cure cancer. We will link out to people sharing link love with us.

Join Martin’s Ride Facebook Group

Contribute Your Favorite Ride or Inspiration Story to
A favorite book, Citizen Marketer, explains 1% of people who visit a site contribute content, the magic 1%. We hope you will anonymously share your story with us.

Tell Your Friends
There is a rumor some people actually continue to talk to their friends OFF LINE. We are kidding, but sharing information about Martin’s Ride with your friends and family the old fashioned way – talking – is much appreciated.

PR Help

I don’t understand PR, so ideas, thoughts, suggestions or recommendations anyone has for getting the word out about my crazy idea – that we are curing cancer and will if we want it bad enough – would be a help.

Help With Sponsors
I’m writing letters to sponsors hoping they will see my tiny raft in the vast ocean that is their world. If you know someone at a company you think should sponsor Martin’s Ride and the cure cancer in our lifetime goal please bang on their door, send them an email or tell a friend.

Positive Karma
We are interrelated. If you send positive energy our way let us know and we will return the favor.

Donate $25 or $50
Cash helps us get across the country, find a cure for cancer in our lifetime and is much appreciated. Read how we use donations on our Donate to Martin’s Ride Page.